10 Reasons to visit Otterburn Mill


Well, – I don’t know about you but sometimes I’m guilty of missing what is under my nose and it does me good to just sit and contemplate things. So here are my top 10 reasons on why to visit us.new-mill-image

  1. Before you even get here, you will have travelled through some of Northumberland’s finest and wildest scenery, seen remote houses and villages and enjoyed landscapes not often enjoyed.
  2. This is easy – Free parking and lots of it, room for everyone really, from motor homes to motorbikes.
  3. Free Admission – doesn’t happen often these days.

That’s the first three taken care of and now more of what is at the mill.By the way, I have not dared to put these in any particular order; they are a list, a straight forward list, so here we go with 4, 5 & 6.

  1. Weavers Cafe, with its 5/5 hygiene rating you know the basics are done well, then layer on top of that our locally source produce (were possible) and “freshly made everyday” dishes, then you’ve the ingredients for a filling, value for money, tasty meal or snack. A particular fav of mine are the freshly baked cheese scones.
  2. Picnic area, for use by visitors allows you to bring your own picnic and choose from the fine selection at Weavers, however their is nothing like a warm day to sit outside with a bite to eat and a coffee and listen to the sounds of nature.
  3. Children’s’ play area – a vital point for me, if there is something to keep the kids happy, then great that makes my life a lot easier.

The last four…………….

  1. Artefacts, ok, so I know this may sound a little boring, but the mill is littered with old traditional artefacts from when the mill churned out textiles and was a manufacturing unit. The walls are littered with designs from the likes of Mary Quant who used Otterburn Textiles, and graced the cover of Vogue.
  2. Otterburn Life – our retail shop, it’s huge, not some afterthought, but a lovely bit of spacious retail space, again some of the original mill machinery cogs can still be seen in the shop. We also have a shop in Rothbury for those who want to explore more.
  3. Brands, yes, BIG brands, we’ve got most of the major ones covered from the likes of Joules, Regatta, Crocs, Weird Fish, White stuff and many more.
  4. The Otterburn baby blanket – goes all over the world and is well known for its Royal connection, it graces some of the best dressed prams in the world and is a real thoroughbred air loom.

When it’s finally time to leave, don’t worry you can still find us at www.otterburnlife.com  so we are never that far away.