*****COMING SOON*****Welcome aboard ICEPEAK

The innovators and early adopters amongst us will be familiar with Icepeak, research shows is regularly “googled”. The first I heard of it was when we decided to stock them here at the mill. I’ve seen some of the samples and I must admit I’m sold, I’m a fan, and I’m happy to pay that little bit extra for something different and eye catching.


ICEPEAK, established 1996, is one of the biggest sports clothing brands in Europe. Icepeak offers active sports clothing for sports shops and department stores.

The brand designs sports clothing to maximize the consumer’s outdoor experience. Affordable prices, quality materials, functional details and trendy design are the key factors in the brand’s great success.

The brand provides functional, active apparel for optimum performance in sports, leisure and everyday use.

The Nordic Nature sportswear collection is casual but spiced up with a pinch of the unique Nordic nature and Finnish simplicity. The collection merges an urban active lifestyle with outdoor-inspired elements. Nordic symbols are seen in patterns and prints. Protective and stylish details are many, including different hoods, protective back hems, taped seams, higher collars, adjustable waists, and new personal structured surfaces. Casual functionality, a trendy look and comfort are the key words of the collection. Neutral tones create an authentic and modern style.