All about the glorious Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed
Heritage and History from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland have woven a beautiful intricate cloth the world knows simply as Harris Tweed.

1934 saw the alternation of the Trademark Definition allowing the use of island millspun yarn in addition to handspun and enabled the industry to make a huge leap in production.

Over the decades Harris Tweed was embraced by the world, from Royalty and landed gentry to Hollywood icons and the finest designers of couture, this humble cloth, produced by the skilled craftsmen and women of the Outer Hebrides, became a wardrobe staple, a must-have item for discerning customers across the globe.

In its rise to prominence, Harris Tweed scaled Everest and graced the Silver Screen, sailed the Sever Seas and showed off on red carpets and catwalks.  By the middle of 20th century the Clo Mor (gaelic for Big Cloth) had secured its status as a true and timeless classic textile.

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