The Mill Today

Introduction from the Mill’s owner

shops_17shops_18In February of 1995, I was privileged to take over ownership of Otterburn Mill from a famous family of Borderland woollen manufacturers, the Waddells. They had been owners and guardians of this amazing historical site for many generations. The Mill closed as a manufacturing premises back in 1976 and, when I took over, little did I know the extent of the heritage that was hidden away.

I made the decision that Otterburn Mill would not remain just another retail outlet selling woollens. For 20 years its hidden treasures hadn’t seen the light of day.

In the following pages we present a brief history of the Mill and an insight into the woollen trade that was such an integral part of the life and times of this particular area of the Borderland.

I trust that you will find it of interest and that it will enhance your understanding of past traditions.