The Royal Connection

Queen Alexandra’s love for Otterburn tweed and rugs created the demand for the famous Otterburn Pram Rug.

The mill flourished during this period and royalty began to hear of the famous Otterburn Tweeds. Royalty used the tweeds for their hunting, shooting and fishing clothing. Each shooting estate had its own tweed, designed to blend in with the hill colours and this was used by the gamekeepers and the shooting parties.

On the birth of the Princess Elizabeth in 1926, Buckingham Palace contacted the mill requiring a small rug that would fit the royal pram. This was made and sent to the palace for the Princess Elizabeth who is now our Queen.

It was impossible to make just one rug, so 20 were actually made. Mr Fenwick of Fenwicks of Newcastle, a regular client, saw the rugs and asked to sell them. To his surprise, he sold out in 2 weeks! This was the start of the famous Otterburn pram rug, which is still made today and is available from our online shop.