The Man behind our Bank Holidays

John Lubbock

It’s fair to say that bankers are not exactly the toast of the town these days. However we do have alot to thank this particular banker for. We love a busy bank holiday here at Otterburn Mill, nice to see folks out and about enjoying themselves.

If you’ve been out in the sunshine today, perhaps sizzling some meat on the barbecue, or relaxing on the beach. It’s a banker you have to thank. A dead one, admittedly for it was Liberal MP who got the ball rolling back in 1871 by tabling the Bank Holidays Act of 1871. Aiming to ease the pressure on workers with an extra four days off. At that point on Easter Monday, the first Monday in August, Whit Monday, and Boxing Day.

Take a bow John Lubbock MP

Lubbock was the son of a London banker. He was a a banker himself before becoming elected the Member of Parliament in 1870, and again in 1874,for Maidstone in Kent.
The fine fellow had four main political agendas, one of which was securing additional holidays and shorter working hours for the working classes.