otterburn rug

The Otterburn baby rug has a truly royal heritage.

Whilst on a visit encompassing Alnwick Castle, Queen Alexandra (our Queen's grandmother) was presented with a hand spun travelling rug from Otterburn Mill. The gift marked the beginning of a royal love affair with Otterburn tweeds, woollens, and rugs.

In 1926, following the birth of Princess Elizabeth (our current monarch), royal patronage for Otterburn Mill was extended as Buckingham Palace requested a custom-made baby rug for the royal pram.

Otterburn Mill is proud of this ancestry, and today this heritage is woven into every baby blanket the Mill produces. Over the years the rugs have remained largely unchanged. Available in both cot and pram sizes, the classical design uses only the most luxurious fabrics, making the rugs the perfect gift for any newborn.

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"Otterburn Baby Rugs fit the heirloom remit... beautifully dense rugs that really feel as though they'll last forever."
Fluxlings, Oct 2011