Our pick of the Winter Jackets

It’s an important purchase, and has several roles to play. As well as looking stylish and smart, a new winter jacket also has to fend off the harsh wind and cold, as well as being water resistant.

We’ve that many brands that this has not been an easy task, but here is our round up of our top 3. We think we’ve covered most things so if you like something knee length or waist length, dark or bright, zips or buttons, angled packets or deep pockets we think we’ve got just the thing for you.

1.Icepeak bring us our first little beauty in a fab green which is sure to brighten up most dark days, finishing at the waist and with a contrasting green over the shoulders with a darker bottom section, pockets and a hood finish this little beauty off

2.No collection would be complete without a contribution from Joules and I feel this floral jacket is a great reminder of summer days, lovely thick padding make this a must have.

3.Target Dry bring us our full length jacket, not as heavy as some of our other jackets but that suits some who prefer to layer up. A versatile colour which will go with most bags and shoes.



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