Rio Ready? The Start of Rio Olympics 2016……….

Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Ready? The Start of Rio 2016……….

Well, maybe not quite. It takes me all of my resolve to get out for my morning run, never mind the commitment of the athletes involved in Rio 2016. You can’t really escape the media coverage of the Olympics and it kinda got me thinking of things. I was wondering to myself where and what the five rings of the Olympics were all about? So a little on-line research brought up the following. (This is the short answer!).

The five rings represent the flags of the majority of countries that participate in the Olympic events. Blue, yellow, black, green and red, as well as the white in the background. These colours were found in the majority of the nations’ flags.

Designed in 1912 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, it was initially delayed from becoming the official symbol of the Olympics by the beginning of World War I. Finally debuted in the 1920 Summer Olympics, the rings commonly symbolize wholeness and continuity, combined together to indicate peace and fraternity. Up until 1951, the official International Olympic Committee handbook stated that the five rings represented the major regions of the world.

So there you go, you may have learnt something today.

Want to learn more?

The Rio 2016 Olympic games has it’s own site as you would imagine so you can learn more

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